Bulk Order Pricing
bulk order pricing


Our Prices

First off as you may or may not know,
we never charge and fees for printing for you.
No Screen fees, No Setup fees or no color change fees. We have by far the absolute bulk order pricing on the net or locally. We offer free delivery in St.lawrence county as a part of our service to you.

We will also work on custom art work for you, have an idea, present it to us and let our team get to work on it. We also do this for FREE. Yes free, why should we charge you for your idea. We are a business that earns money by offering a good service to to people, we print we do look to milk you for money in all the ways the other printers do we would rather keep it simple!

The Pricing below is for a 1 color logo in one location
the prices will increase if you add more colors or locations. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have about bulk orders, or even a small order. Our pricing is better than anyone else, we do sell for what we advertise for.


Plain White Tees (per shirt)

10 white $12.00

25 white 8.00

50 White 6.50

100 white 5.00
Shirts (per shirt)

10 Any other color 13.00

25 Any other color 9.00

50 Any other color 7.50

100 Any other color 6.00

If you have any questions feel free to contact us! You can email, call, text or even message us on facebook with any questions you may have!
Why not browse blank clothing and even use our online designer, you can choose the items your interested in, see pricing and also add your own art work for a free preview of what your ideas look like! click here